selenium training

A short and simple course to get started with Selenium automation and learn basics of other integrated APIs

Selenium a Web based automation tool that automates anything and everything available on a Web page. Initially started by Thoughtworks and currently Google developers are supporting the latest version i.e. WebDriver.

These lecture will provide you full hands on session on how you can automate web based applications and implement various frameworks such as Data driven, Hybrid, Page Object model etc.

Here, you will find content which will help you get started on Selenium and build your java programming basics. On this basis you can enroll for Advance course as well.

Benefits from the Full Course:

Access to the Meetup group & expert Q & A where you can share your doubts

Apart from Selenium various other APIs are integrated as well like TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber BDD which will help you a lot in designing powerful frameworks which is again available with the Full course. At the end of the training you will be able to automate any web based application of your own.

What are the requirements?

No prior Java / coding knowledge required as everything is taught from the scratch
All topics are covered in detailed with live programming in the lectures which will make you feel as in you are studying in a live class room
What am I going to get from this course?

By the end of the course you will be as much trained to automate any web based application using Selenium

What is the target audience?

Manual Testers who wants to switch to Automation testing
Automation testing who wants to enhance thier current skills
Test Managers
Selenium RC Users who wish to migrate their projects in WebDriver

————————————- Course Content —————————————-

Day: 1

Introduction to the Course

1. Introduction and Important points to know before you start the course
2. Join the Meetup Group -

Core Java Programming

3. Introduction to Core Java
4. Basic java programming and features
5. Java Methods – Part 1
6. Java Methods Part 5 – PreDefined Methods and Math.Random()
7. Java Methods Part 6 – Static and Non Static Methods

Day : 2


8. IF and Else Statements
9. Loops – While Loop
10. Loops – Do While Loop
11. Loops – For Loop
12. Loops – Nested Loops
13. Loops – Break and Continue statements
14. Loops

Day : 3


15. Arrays and Methods
16. Object Oriented Programming – 1
17. Object Oriented Programming – 2
18. Packages and Access Modifier

Day :  4

Selenium IDE

19. Introduction to Selenium IDE

Selenium Remote Control 1.0 – (Deprecated)

20. Introduction to Selenium RC
21. Selenium RC Features & Examples
22. Online webtables & Popup/tab browsing

Day : 5

Selenium 2.0 WebDriver

23. Introduction to WebDriver
24. WebDriver Features – Handing Dropdown list
25. Handling Multiple Dropdowns and Links

Day : 6

Android Driver

26. Working with Android Driver

Day : 7

APPIUM – Selenium 3.0

27. Introduction to Appium
28. Appium installation on MAC OSX
29. Appium installation on Windows
30. Adding Appium Dependencies
31. Tapping an Element on a Real Device
32. Swipe – Searching Phonebook Contacts
33. Deploying IOS Apps on Real device

Day : 8

Flash (Flex) Testing

34. Handling Flex Applications

Day : 9

Selenium Grid 2

35. Introduction to Grid 2
36. Configuring nodes & hub

Day : 10


37. Introduction to JUnit
38. JUnit MVN Configuration
39. Build.xml

Day : 11


40. Data driven framework – Architecture Explanation

Day : 12


41. Hybrid Framework – Introduction

Day : 13


42. Introduction to Database Testing
43. Database JDBC Connectivity

Day : 14

Git – Configuration Management

49. Introduction to Git

Day : 15

Next Step – Expert Level training on Selenium & Appium

50. Discount On Expert Level

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