Career Networking / Mentoring for IT Graduates

We are a networking group of highly paid IT professionals in UK.We are experienced professionals and have expertise of building and developing complex IT solutions .We strive to meet technical challenges and thrive with expertise in diverse IT sphere.We constantly upgrade our technical knowledge by participating in different IT meet ups and technical conferences.
We work in agile way and follow clean code principles to deliver high quality solutions.We organise monthly meetup events to network with members of our high valued professionals in the group.

We are running few in house IT projects and are looking for freshers and beginners to join us and work on our live projects and gain practical industry experience. We will give them an opportunity to network and get mentoring from senior IT professionals in the IT industry.

We can provide them Industry exposure & training on the following technologies that will help you in your IT Career.

JAVA Programming
Automation Testing
Angularjs , Web Technologies
Selenium,WebDriver etc.

We can help you to get your first job or internship through our strong network of IT professionals.Please register on our website if you want to enrol in this training program.

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